What defines a Powerful Woman?

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(Image: WENN: www.aceshowbiz.com: September 14 2012)

Is Kate Middleton a powerful woman? Apparently not, according to BBC’s radio 4’s who recently conducted a Woman’s Hour top 100 list. It’s undeniable that Kate is influential and adored but why didn’t she make the list? According to the panel of judges, inclusive of journalist Eve Pollard, MP Priti Patel, Labour politician Oona King and crime novelist Val McDermid, Kate is ‘not yet’ there, and was transcended by those such as Queen Elizabeth who was unsurprisingly at the top. According to the panel the definition of a powerful woman was based on control ‘of policy, of direction, of influence, of staff.’ Pollard further explained that some women on the list possessed ‘soft power,’ which is ‘the ability to transform the way we think about ourselves.’ Interesting…

No doubt choosing only 100 to fit the list would have been a tough task but it got me thinking, what defines a strong woman? Would love to hear your answer! Just head to our facebook page and tell us what you think..

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