Indulge in a Spa Retreat but remember to pack your Travel Insurance or it may not be so relaxing

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Indulge in a Spa Retreat but remember to pack your Travel Insurance or it may not be so relaxing 

Spa Retreats have become significantly more popular over the last decade and with destinations such as Bali, Thailand and Malaysia offering the ultimate indulgence with a modest price tag, the spa retreat is becoming the chic holiday of choice for ladies and couples alike.

I’ve been on both sides of the massage table- both as a spa therapist ¬†and as a client-Bali being my destination of choice. This first hand experience has given me not only a great appreciation for how hard the therapists in these retreats work but also for the effect of the treatments on the body and mind.

As I write this I am imagining stepping through the massive carved wood doors into the retreat, donning a robe in the soft candlelit treatment room and inhaling the gentle yet spicy aromas emanating from the oil burners. Sound heavenly? And the treatment hasn’t even started yet! My ideal spa day includes body scrub, body wrap, massage, hot oil scalp treatment and facial. When packaging treatments, try to group relaxing ones together in one session and then ‘maintenance’ treatments for another session. There’s nothing worse than floating out of a beautiful body treatment and going straight into a pedicure and being shaken about while the therapist grinds dead skin off your heels.

Retreats will provide you with refreshments such as herbal teas during your spa day and typically a healthy lunch. The treatments are designed to eliminate toxins from your body, usually through the skin via perspiration and also increased urination, so remember to drink up to replenish fluids.

When travelling to foreign countries, especially third world ones such as Bali, Thailand or Malaysia, it is absolutely imperative that you travel prepared, as some things, such as medical treatment may be difficult to access. Also, the instances of luggage going missing, road accidents and health problems are all much higher than westernised countries like Australia. Never travel without travel insurance, because in places such as these where health and safety practices are not to the same standard as ours, its so common for an incident to occur that could ruin what was supposed to be a beautiful, relaxing getaway.

Travel Insurance can be purchased for a single trip and is very inexpensive, quick and easy to apply for; or for the frequent traveller (lucky you), yearly cover would be more beneficial and covers you for any international or domestic trip. Herlife’s Deb Heindl has made two claims recently on her policy and after losing luggage, she will tell you that her insurance has more than paid for itself.

Simply follow the link on the Herlife website to take out a Travel Insurance Policy, it takes only a couple of minutes and means you can lay back and enjoy your next spa retreat without a care in the world, other than what you might order for lunch or what shade you will choose for your pedicure.


By Karlee McBroom.

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