What many women underestimate, particularly if they don’t work or only work part time, is the valuable role they play in their family. Think about what would happen if you died prematurely or suffered from a serious illness or disability?

Why get Cover?

Australians insure houses, cars and even their pets, but often they neglect to insure their most important asset; them.

Take a moment to envision what life would look like for your family if you were gone.

If something were to happen to you, Life insurance cover provides your beneficiaries with a lump sum.

  • Life Cover can help ensure peace of mind and alleviate financial stress for those you love during a time they need it the most.
  • Life Cover can offer peace of mind for as little as a few dollars a week.

What it offers?

In the event of a claim Life Cover:

  • assists with debts, mortgages and ongoing payments
  • assists with medical bills, health retreats, or time away to get well

Essentially, the money is yours to invest whichever way suits you. The choice is yours.

How to apply?

You can quickly and easily apply for life insurance online for as much as $1,000,000, with no medical tests to worry about. And to reward you for your loyalty, every 3 years you’ll receive a 10% refund of the Life Protect premiums you’ve paid (conditions apply).

Alternatively, speak to a Her Life adviser by contacting:

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