Why HerLife?

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Deb Heindl – Principle

I’ve been an advisor for over twenty-five years, and I can tell you, as a female in a male dominated industry, it hasn’t always been easy. That hasn’t stopped me though, from making it to the Top of the Table MDRT two years in a row. This is an award for the top 100 advisors in the world and is the highest accolade an advisor can achieve professionally. It has however, made me aware of the under insurance issue for women in Australia. There have been countless discussions in my industry about changing this, but still to this day the issue is a prominent one.

There are a number of reasons this occurs.

  • Women often underestimate their role, frequently assuming that their pa
    rtner, who may be the breadwinner, is the one who should be insured. Women should be insured to.

Imagine if you become ill or disabled, or even worse, passed away. Your partner may need to withdraw from the workforce to care for you or any children. They may need to take time to recover emotionally. Where is the income then? Your partner may need to hire a cleaner, carer or even full time day care, duties that you once fulfilled.

  • Many women are also the breadwinners these days. Taking on all responsibilities, either alone or with a partner. Without you in the picture, or unable to work, who can support your family? Will they be financially stable?

It is important to protect yourself with appropriate cover to ensure that during a traumatic event or death, you have given yourself and your family the best opportunity to recover.

Women don’t always feel comfortable discussing personal issues with a male advisor, but with the lack of female advisors, often feel they have no choice.

We are here to change that. Her Life Insurance is owned and run by women. The advisers, editor, the receptionist and other staff, are all females. We are all here to listen and take action.

An insight into Her Life’s founder & adviser Deborah Heindl

As a single mother I have raised two children on my own whilst working fulltime. Through hard work and determination I have been able to send my children to good schools, built a successful career and travelled the world.

I understand the importance of insurance, and that some cover is better than none. Clients need to know what is available to them, and what good insurance cover can achieve when needed. That way, should they choose no cover, they know exactly what they are turning down.

As a professional advisor, I am often one of the first people a client will call when there’s a trauma or death. Didn’t expect that? This is the reason why during a crisis, you want someone else, a professional in the industry to work out your insurance and fight for your claim. Allowing you to focus on more important things like recovery.

It’s my job to know the fine print when you are signing an application. It’s my job to make sure your get what is rightfully yours. It’s my job to know the technical jargon and convey that information in a way you can understand. That’s the role of a good advisor.

Who are we?

We don’t believe in concealing our mission from clients. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and what we aim to achieve. Which is why we have given you our mission statement to read for yourself. We only hire people who are compatible with our mission profile and are able to achieve the things we say we can. We don’t mess around.

Most of our clients have been referred to us by existing clients, and with an abundant client base, it’s safe to say that our clients are happy to refer us to their friends and family. This is a great compliment and let’s us know that we are doing our job well.

Nothing is in the too hard basket for us. We don’t give up when things get tough. We fight to get you the best outcome possible. With us, you are not alone. During a trauma, injury or even a death, that is what is important.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to help women obtain insurance and fix the problem of underinsured females in Australia.

How are we going to do that?

We provide obligation free consultations with professional female advisors to women considering insurance.

We aim to create an open environment where women can discuss any issues without feeling uncomfortable. We achieve this by using experienced female advisors who are sensitive to clients personal matters and have a genuine empathy for women’s matters.

Why are we going to do that?

As women ourselves, we believe it’s important that women can discuss issues without feeling uncomfortable. There are gyms, GP’s and magazines that cater to women. Why not insurance too? It’s personal, and many women don’t feel comfortable sharing personal details with a male advisor. They should be able to discuss all issues freely, without feeling misunderstood or embarrassed.

Being a woman is great, but there are factors that can make some times tougher than others. Some of us bear children, work from home, work full time and juggle children, suffer from breast cancer, as well as other female related health issues.

We provide numerous cover’s to suit individual needs, but Her Life is more than that.

Our Her Life blog page is designed for women to share their stories and learn from other people’s experiences. Moreover, we aim to offer topics that relate to women through Facebook and Twitter in the hope of assisting women in multiple ways. We write and provide articles that offer support, provide health tips and lifestyle advice, written by people with experience in each of those fields. Our objective is to help women both physically and mentally where we can. Our editor loves to share her personal stories too. That way, you can get both personal, humourous, and informative stories all from one basket.

What’s next?

We currently offer:

But it won’t stop there. We will be offering more exciting products in the near future. Stay tuned for more.