The true value of your handbag

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I, along with most women, carry my life in my handbag. From my phone to my purse to my camera and even to those diamond stud earrings that I keep in there for “just in case”, my handbag carries my world.

Research from GIO has come out revealing that 32% of those surveyed didn’t know how much the contents of their handbag was worth. The remaining women surveyed valued the contents between $250 all the way up to $1,000+. It quickly adds up when you think about losing your purse, phone, glasses, and cosmetics to name just a few common items.

So, it seems only natural that I have become the biggest advocator of handbag insurance. I’m not alone in this belief, with handbag insurance now a popular topic amongst women from New Zealand all the way to France.

For me, it’s not the idea of a masked ‘bag snatcher’ taking my life that hangs from shoulder and running, it’s that realisation that mistakes do happen.

You can become momentarily flustered on that Monday morning bus ride.
You can become distracted by your children at the supermarket.
Or, it’s that carefree Friday night dinner (and cocktails!) with friends that is your final undoing.

So why risk it? Either way, it can be whatever moment in your life that you suddenly look down and realise that your brown, black or whatever colour bag that has been holding your life for so long…is gone.

Here at Her Life, an insurance company for women by women, it’s only natural that we introduce handbag insurance. I am excited to stand behind what I believe and to know that the world that I am carrying on my shoulders will be covered for whatever lapse moment life throws at me.

So, watch this space as closely as I’m sure you try to watch your bag. Handbag Insurance is coming!.

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