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By February 3, 2012Woman of the month

While in Hawaii (Waikiki) at the Sheraton Resort, I had the pleasure of listening to Sebastian Terry who I thought was fantastic.  Not everyone was of the same opinion, some advisers thought he was self indulgent.

Sebastian has written a book called 100 things which is effectively a bucket list.  It included things like getting shot whilst wearing a bullet proof vest, living with a tribe, read the weather report etc.  I myself have always had my own bucket list which I am busily ticking off it’s a bit tamer than Sebastian’s i.e. riding elephants in Thailand, safari in Africa, swimming with the manta ray etc.  These and more I have done but there is plenty more on the bucket list.

I think many people keep putting off their bucket list assuming they have time or even sadder they don’t have one.  In my profession I see what happens when our health fails and have in fact experienced this myself (but that’s another Blog).  Fortunately, usually you can insure for these things but I don’t think even I could get an insurance company to insure Sebastian Terry.  I certainly wish him all the best with his bucket list and book 100 Things..

Obiettivo: controllare in tempo reale la spesa, la stessa dieta, lo stesso moto quotidiano. Amalgamate il tutto poi trasferite il composto su un piano di lavoro.

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