Insurance Companies – Friendlier Than You Think

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The more involved I become in the world of insurance, the more my opinion of Insurance Companies is changing. If (like many of you, I imagine) always saw Insurance Companies as faceless, heartless organisations that take your money every month and you don’t see any gain from it until you die (and by that stage you’re not even here to reap the benefits).

This is just not true…


Insurance Companies are actually much more friendly and do much more for their customers than I ever previously understood. The first thing you notice when you speak to the staff is that they are local, pleasant people who genuinely care and listen to us, both as advisers and clients.

Secondly, they do more than just sell insurance.

An example that comes to mind is a company who for no charge provides a fully tailored and personalised health plan to its customers and advisers. Simply input your lifestyle and physical details into the on-line form and it generates a full plan encompassing nutrition, meal plans, recipes, exercise recommendations and general health and well being advice. It does this with the aim to improve the health of customers to REDUCE loadings and remove exclusions from policies, saving the client money and giving them better cover.


Thirdly, they are constantly evolving and making it easier to be paid claims.

Really. Companies have actually changed definitions on illnesses to make it easier  for clients to claim on things that they previously couldn’t. A good example of this is covering ALL heart attacks and paying out in full on them, whereas in the past a heart attack was only paid out on if it was an appropriate level of severity. Many providers now also offer partial payment on things that previously would not have received any benefit, such as loss of sight in one eye or certain types of skin cancers. Deb Heindl, director of Her Life, is proud to inform me that in her 25 years in the industry she has an exceptional record of claims being paid, with only one claim not being paid in the whole 25 years!

Its refreshing to know that your Insurance Company is actually on your side to support you in your time of need and they really do portray a much friendlier, personable image now than ever before and I am learning this more each day from conversations with our clients and interactions with insurance providers.

It is still always important to ensure that you fully understand your particular policy and its relevant PDS, so you are fully aware of what your company does and doesn’t offer. If you would like to know more, or if you would like to review your existing policy, please contact us at Her Life  and we are always happy to help you get the most out of your insurance.

By Karlee McBroom.


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