Why insurance ads desensitise us to considering insurance?

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Insurance ads often desensitise us to the importance of insurance by pitching a message across to an audience using a picture perfect family that most people can’t even relate to because they’re so unbelievably perfect. How can a person looking for cover relate to that image? How does that image feel safe? The ads play repeatedly and I think, yes, that sounds great but who are you?

My feelings towards the ad made me reflect on why cover is important to me? How can I explain to others why I believe they should protect themselves with appropriate cover?  The answer is simple, why do I need it?

The first person who came to mind was my son. My family will be okay without me if I died. They would grieve but they but they don’t need my support, my child does. Without me, who will help him financially? How could he afford to go to a good school? Who will pay for his clothes and shoes? My family will help but raising a child is expensive and they would also be recovering from my death, therefore, the essential members of my family that will help raise my son will not be able to work for a large period of time. As a result, who is earning the money?

The lump sum of money paid during the event of a claim, may be used to support your loved ones during such an unfortunate event. It can help significantly during a time of need. The money paid out can be used whichever way seems suitable but to underestimate its importance may leave your family broke and force them to work when they are trying to mend.

If you’re unsure whether insurance would benefit you, try envisioning your life without someone you love. Consider all your options. How will they cope? In the event that you die, who will take care of your children as well as provide? Is your partner capable of both? It helps to speak to an advisor to know why insurance is important. That way, if you should choose not to take up cover, you will know exactly what you’re turning down.

By Nikki Heindl, Editor at Her Life Insurance for Woman.

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