How do marketing method's differ?

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The one direction sales pitch is a thing of the past. We now have the power to respond to companies on a more personal level: by participating. Just think about it. We can write reviews, blogs, and posts that disseminate to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. By doing this, we can challenge a companies ideas, behaviour and image. We are no longer helpless by standers waiting for the big guys to take notice. It is evident that media is becoming, and is already for many, a participatory culture. The consumers are gaining the power.

The incessant messages we receive from television ads have become easier to ignore. The flat, monotonous, repetitious advertising that targets consumer awareness no longer thrives from our lack of knowledge and resources. As consumers, we now have the ability to investigate, research and demand the best. We have the power to say, if you want our business, here us out! Earn it!

Over the last couple of years ads have become more entertaining, livelier and informative. With the use of characters such as Ketut and Rhonda from the AAMI ads that have markedly built customer interaction and enthusiasm, marketing method’s are leveling the playing field in order to get the consumer involved. Does Ketut and Rhonda’s relationship have anything to do with us? Not really. But we like them. We enjoy them. We refer back to them. In fact, I’m doing that right now.  Aren’t I?

Organisations now combat in an attempt to relate to their target market. It’s no longer a matter of, how does a company get their message across to us? but, what’s going to prick our ears? What matter’s to us and why would we care? With this approach to marketing, we are listening. We want our needs to be met and we want the best person for the job to be responsible for taking care of us. But does that really make marketing more effective? I love watching Rhonda and Ketut but I’m still not insured with AAMI.

It’s fair to suggest that two romantic characters have the power to present a message, over the bland, tasteless corporate profile that “tells us” what we need to do, rather than offers us idea’s and a solution to our problems. However, the other day I noticed a sponsored post in my Facebook news feed about the first home owners grant that changed my thoughts on marketing.

I hadn’t initiated research on the matter prior to the ad but it related to me and was informative. They gave me free legal advice about new homes. Needless to say, I added them because they gave me guidance that I needed but didn’t know what to look for. There article was helpful and they sounded as though they knew what they were talking about. Is this a more effective way of marketing than Rhonda and Ketut? I couldn’t tell you but they got my vote because they were serious about business. They gave genuine advice for free. There was no pressure to sign up but I liked their page. That’s when I realised; I trusted them.

It’s interesting isn’t it? The unique and diverse range of advertising methods used by marketer’s today. Ask yourself this; what marketing method’s make you listen? You might surprise yourself.


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