ebook versus traditional books: who will win?

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Nowadays most people are making the jump from the traditional book to the ebook. The convenience of the ebook is unrivaled.  Sure, the ebook get’s a bit glary after a few hours and the battery—the very life source of the ebook—runs out when you’re chapter is coming to a climax. But that stuff’s minor when you consider such features as instant downloads and unlimited book listings, all at the touch of a button (how cliché has that sentence become?). A physical bookstore cannot withhold more than its walls will allow.  The ebook, on the other hand, has no walls. So does that make the ebook better than the traditional book?

Personally, I can’t stand ebooks. I always have an excuse to not read one. Despite having a perfectly functional iPad with a big monitor, I always complain about the font being too small. When I enlarge it, I struggle to navigate myself around the screen. It does actually hurt my eyes and I can’t doodle on the pages, which I have a habit of doing with 90% of the books that I read (know this risk if you should lend me one!).  I like to use my real pen to mark annotations and I don’t need to save the changes as I go because I physically made them myself and I know where they are. That’s not to say that ebooks don’t try and accommodate these habits, with their “non-glary” screens and highlighting tools but it’s just not the same!

We now live in a virtual world. The line between reality and virtual reality is blurring. The difference between catching up with friends online and catching up with friends for coffee is getting smaller. For most, including me, the convenience of the online world is a temptation too much to bear. I enjoy the online world’s possibilities but I’m afraid of how much deeper we may go. I wonder if this virtual reality is really becoming our actual reality? Will my beautiful bookstores one day disappear because they are no longer convenient? Let us not sink too far into the cybernetic world and on the odd occasion, lets stop to smell the bookstores. Perhaps even go in there and buy one! Maybe even try to use this principle in all aspects of life to preserve the real world and all its benefits, like the wonderful world of old-style books.


By Nikki Heindl, Editor at Her Life Insurance for Women.

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