DJ's Prank UK Hospital

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What can I say; when the two DJ’s pranked the UK hospital I saw the humor but, when I heard on the news the woman had committed suicide, I felt physically ill.

Over the years, the media dissemination of tragic incidents had somewhat desensitized me in emotionally connecting to the news but I couldn’t help but grieve for the poor woman who took her own life in response to the seemingly innocent prank.  Who could believe that something practically harmless could have such a tragic penalty?  Her family, friends and the two young DJ’s will be forced to live with the consequences of the prank for the rest of their lives.

However, I don’t believe the responsibility should solely be allocated to the two DJ’s that never in their wildest dreams thought they’d fool someone while impersonating the Queen.  I mean, would you?  The weight of the incident should be allocated to the hospital who could have offered the woman professional guidance to support her through such turbulent times and of course, the media who took no pity in  publicizing the poor woman’s foolish, yet honest mistake.

I just hope that the two DJ’s and the victim’s family receive the support they need from the hospital and the radio station.  After all, it was the radio station that allowed the material to be aired.

Maybe the lesson of all of this is to look past news reports to see the person behind the headline.  We can’t control the media but we can take responsibility for our own actions and pushing a woman into taking her own life should not be the consequence of a phone call.  As the saying goes, it’s all fun and game’s until someone gets hurt.

I wish it was possible to put Jacintha Saldanha back with her husband and two children, my thoughts are with them..

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