Can too much coffee give you a heart attack?

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After procrastinating for several hours about whether or not I could physically and mentally be bothered reading an article for University, I managed to slip in seven cups of coffee before 11:00am. I looked down at my empty cup and asked myself, “when had my caffeine addiction gotten this bad?” I’m not sure whether it’s the caffeine I’m addicted too or if I just love the creamy, sweet, flavour of coffee and the ease of it going down my throat and into my wanting belly.

I think it’s the latter. Or both.

Either way, it had me thinking, “If I keep this up, am I going to have a heart attack?”

Then I panicked.

Can coffee give you a heart attack? Was I going to have a heart attack?

According to Louise Chang, writer for WebMD, you are at more risk of having a heart attack if you have a cup of coffee a day or less. Initially this was good news for me, because I will never settle for just one cup. However, apparently too much coffee, (let’s say for arguments sake, seven before 11:00am) isn’t too great for you either. Moreover, we are apparently (and I should think this obvious) more susceptible to a heart attack if we already have a risk of heart disease (Chang, Louise) and should think long and hard about steering clear from coffee if this is the case.

However, more recent research suggests that coffee may also have benefits, such as helping to prevent Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver cancer (Hensrud, Donald). Splendid news.

Like most things in life, it seems there are always two sides to the story and like many things, the answer is the same, consume things in moderation—unless I suppose it’s broccoli… I’m yet to hear a fault linked to broccoli. Oh and water… Actually, I have heard rumours of people drowning from drinking too many litres of water. Perhaps people have drowned in broccoli too?

Let’s infer that we should consume things in moderation. If you’re prone to heart disease, perhaps try avoid coffee and if you’re prone to Parkinson’s disease, well, let’s hope they’re right. As for me, I will continue to drink my coffee because life’s just not complete without it but, I may pull back the reins on how many cups I have.


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